Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Download the app 

Step 2: Create a TRX Wallet Address

You can skip this if you already have a TRX Wallet Address 

Step 3: Register in the App!

Fill in your Username, TRX Wallet Address, E-Mail Address and Password

Double Check your TRX Wallet ADDRESS!

Click on Register!

Step 4: Make sure you are logged in and start to play TRONbird! 

Step 5: Check the leaderboard and try to be within the top 200 players to get rewarded with TRX! 

Step 6: Promote TRONbird! With a growing community the amount of TRX will rise and the number of winning players also. 

Step 7: Are you within the Top 200? Then Check Your Wallet 48 hours after the countdown run out!

First Goal:

Payout to the Top 1000 players!


5 + 3 =