TRONbird Hardcore and Highscore Snapshot Countdown

Every week on Monday UTC 00:00








Why this little TRONbird?

The TRONbird app brings the world of TRON a little closer to its players combining gaming fun and cryptocurrencies. On its exhilarating flight the TRONbird collects logos of established projects on the TRON network and improves its score whilst having to dodge various obstacles.

 The TRONbird App aims at closely cooperating with partners from the TRON network to further advance its establishment. The services of our partners can be seen in the app, on our homepage and the official TRONbird Twitter page. At the same time users get in touch with different services provided by the TRON Network.

Everyone should keep an eye on the ranking list. It’s worth it! TRONbird pays a fixed amount of TRX to the top 100 players. The daily payouts will be announced in advanced and will increase if the userbases increases as well. So don’t forget to register in the app with your username and wallet address and win up to 25 TRX every day.

TRONbird Weekly Hardcore and Highscore Ranking Payouts


Every week when the countdown runs out you will be paid for the rank you achieved.


TRONbird pays out different TRON Tokens every Monday after the Snapshot at UTC 00:00. Payouts will be processed within 24 hours.


TRONbird Partners 

Get in touch and let’s do business!

Would you like your project to be included in our app and your logo to be collected by our TRONbird? Do you prefer to sponsor a 5 day Pot or a whole month and get mentioned as sponsor via Twitter? Would you like to see your personalized bird in the application or the background with your personal watermark? Do you have any other idea to work together?

Get in touch with us and briefly describe your idea of a future partnership. We are looking forward to every contact and are happy to discuss a collaboration with you.

Let’s bring the TRON Network to the world!


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